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In 1974, noticing a lack of convenient higher education in Southern Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Legislature created the Ardmore Higher Education Center. Starting with only ten programs and 110 students, the program quickly grew and was made permanent in 1977 by a state statute. Since the ‘70s our center has grown rapidly and at its peak offered 300 courses to 1,800 students each semester.

In an historic move, the University Center of Southern Oklahoma (UCSO) in Ardmore became Murray State College Ardmore. The merger was approved by both chambers of the state legislature before being signed into law by Governor Kevin Stitt on May 18. On Wednesday, June 30, Keith King, chair of the UCSO board, met with MSC board members and MSC President Joy McDaniel to hand off keys to the building.

In addition to offering associate degrees, the focus of Murray State College Ardmore is bringing bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, most of which will be in electronic format, to Ardmore and surrounding communities. This will be accomplished through existing two-plus-two agreements and partnerships with various universities throughout the state.

“Students will start by earning associate degrees from Murray State and finish with the university program of their choice. Our job will be to facilitate this opportunity and provide services to enhance student retention and completion, thereby supplying a ready workforce with associate and advanced degrees to serve local businesses and industry,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel.

“Murray State has an established history and campus community in Tishomingo and that isn’t going to change. We want to bring the same value and excellence in education to Ardmore and the surrounding communities. We have the technical infrastructure and long-standing relationships with sister institutions that will allow us to bring in new and exciting options for students,” said McDaniel.


Everyone at MSC Ardmore has one common goal: help our students succeed. Whether it is our expert instructors or our friendly advisors, we are all here to make sure you are able to achieve your dreams. Our instructors have experience in the field they teach and bring that experience into the classroom for a unique real-world education.

Langston University School of Nursing  has the following positions available:

Full-Time Nursing Instructor

In search of full-time nursing instructor for fall 2021 semester. Candidate would be responsible for teaching and overseeing students in a clinical setting. Applicant must have a Master’s in Nursing. Experience preferred.

Part-Time Lab Coordinator

In search of part-time lab coordinator for spring 2021 semester. Candidate would be responsible for overseeing the nursing lab scheduling, inventory, assisting with simulations, organizing lab groups and set-up about 16 hours a week. Some flexibility in scheduling in hours. Applicant must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Experience preferred.

Adjunct Instructor

In search of adjunct instructor for spring 2021 semester. Candidate would be responsible for teaching a nursing class or overseeing students in the clinical setting. Applicant must have a Master’s in Nursing. Experience preferred.

To apply, download and complete the following application and resume to anna.duran@langston.edu

Download Application

For more information, call Ms. Duran @ 580-319-0319.


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Health, Science, and Math Center

Our new, state-of-the-art building covers 49,000 square feet and includes four science laboratories, two nursing skills laboratories, and numerous multimedia and interactive television classrooms.

This facility was built on property generously provided through private funding.

Donation Opportunities

The Southern Oklahoma Higher Education Foundation works continuously to raise funds for the University Center, making sure we can maintain and advance the property to provide the best in education and practical experience to students.   If you would like to donate to the University Center, contact us at (580) 319-0301 for more information.

We appreciate local foundations who have awarded grants, such as the Ardmore Institute of Health, for our mile-long walking trail.  Come walk anytime to see the spectacular view of the Arbuckles!  Other foundations, such as the McCrory Foundation and the Southern Oklahoma Memorial Foundation, to name a few, have generously provided for student scholarships and other projects.