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Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Each partnering institution has its own class schedule list at The University Center. When searching for classes offered, times available, and instructors, please refer to the list from the school granting your degree. Schedules are released during the semester prior to when they begin. This should allow you to have time to plan your schedule along with your other commitments. It is also important to meet with your academic advisor each semester in preparing for the upcoming semester. In doing so, you should come prepared with the following information and questions.

  • Bring a list of classes you are planning to take in the upcoming semester
  • Ask an advisor to double check that all classes count for your degree and are taken in the correct order
  • Check that all classes fit your personal schedule
  • Check that no classes conflict
  • Check that all prerequisites are met for these courses
  • Bring any other questions you may have about the courses and requirements for your degree

It is a good idea to check the upcoming semester schedule as soon as it is released to start planning your future semester. Also, don’t wait to enroll, and be sure to get a seat in the classes you need for your degree. If you have questions about schedules, when they are released, or who can help you with academic advising, please call 580-319-0300 or visit our Directory page. University Center courses are listed above, organized by school. When reviewing the list of courses, be sure to have your plan of study with you. This is the plan your advisor gives you that lists all the courses required for your degree. If you do not have a current copy of your plan of study, please see your academic advisor.

Courses Offered at The University Center :

Fall 2020 Class Schedule