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Getting Started

Ready to get started at Murray state College?

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!.  Contact Kirk Rushing or Autumn Godwin

2.  Complete the FAFSA application online.


Financial Aid

MSC knows students may need financial assistance with tuition and fees.  The professionals in the  Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) office will be your financial aid experts to guide your college application and financial arrangements, making it as stress-free as possible. 

Make an appointment today!  By the way, there is no charge to apply for federal student aid.


Kirk Rushing


Autumn Godwin


Murray State College Financial Aid

Rhonda Glenn, Academic Advisement/Financial Aid Liaison

(580) 319-0329


Students who want a bachelor degree will complete all or most of their lower division (first 2 years) prerequisite courses through Murray State College.  When applying to transfer credits to a four-year partner institution, students must meet admissions requirements of the university granting their degree.  Students should contact an academic advisor through the EOC office or contact the partner institution directly. 

High School Concurrent Enrollment

High School students can apply for concurrent classes starting the summer after their sophomore year.

*Tuition waivers for concurrent classes do not apply until the summer after a student’s junior year.

Admissions for Returning Students

Murray State Admissions

For more information or to reach an advisor, please call 580-319-0370 or email

Southeastern Bachelors

For more information or to reach an advisor, please contact Andrea Bryant at 580-319-0361 or

Langston Bachelors

If you are interested in completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Langston University at the University Center, you must first complete prerequisite courses through Murray State College and then complete a transfer admission application to Langston University. Information on requirements can be found on our [nursing program application].

The School of Nursing is accepting applications on a continuous basis. Applicants need to submit this nursing application and required documentation listed on the application postmarked no later than October 1.

For more information or to reach an advisor, please call 580-319-0317 or email


We know college can be expensive.  That’s why we offer scholarships for outstanding students.   You may apply for these scholarships at any point in your academic progress, as long as you meet the scholarship requirements.  Scholarship applications are available on the Current Students page.

Scholarship applications for Spring 2021 are now open.  The deadline for submission is March 5, 2021.

If you need more information on degree programs offered by a partner institution, please see our degree opportunities.

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