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    Lifelong Learning is about exploring your interests and passions. Instructors do not keep attendance or assign grades. Work assigned in the courses is always optional and meant to help you better understand and retain knowledge.

    Professionals and passionate amateurs from the Ardmore area teach the classes, displaying the wealth of talent in our community. Most are taught as an individual class or series of classes that may or may not be linked.

    All classes meet at the University Center Math & Health Sciences Building (new campus) 2901 Mt. Washington Road, Ardmore, OK 73401


    Lifelong Learning Schedule - Fall 2019

    The Civil War: The Sectional Crisis that Planted the Seeds of America’s Greatest Conflict Click here for more Information

    Thursdays - Sept. 12, 19, 26, Oct 3 6:00 - 7:30 pm

    Session 1: Slavery and the New States – 1787-1803

    Session 2: Louisiana Purchase to the Missouri Compromise – 1803-1820

    Session 3: More Compromises? – 1820-1850

    Session 4: The Compromise of 1850 - Fort Sumter

    Fundamentals of Oil & Gas OwnershipClick here for more Information

    Thursdays - Sept 19, Oct. 3, 17 6:00 - 7:30 pm

    Session 1: So You’ve Been Contacted by an Oil Company or the Corporation Commission

    Session 2: Drilling for Oil: Owning Oil Properties; How We Find Oil

    Session 3: Virtual Oilfield Tour

    Genetics and GenomicsClick here for more Information

    Wednesdays - Sept. 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16 6:00 - 7:30 pm

    Session 1– DNA is Life: How Genes Work (this session helps with understanding later sessions)

    Session 2 – Genetically-Modified Crops (GMOs): Are They Actually Bad for You?

    Session 3 – DNA-Based Genetic Testing: What Can You Learn?

    Session 4 – Editing DNA: Genetic Diseases and Designer Babies.


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    ACT Prep Classes

    The ACT exam is an important tool many universities use in their admissions process. Whether you are looking to improve your score or lessen anxiety through preparation, we can help! Experienced instructors who can tailor the class to maximize each student’s experience teach our ACT prep course.

    Whether you take it once or multiple times, we are sure you will be happy you took the step in improving your future!

    9AM-12:30PM Math Prep

    1:30PM-3:30PM General Prep (English, Reading, Science)

    $10 per person, per session to be paid in advance or on the day of class.

    Held each Saturday before ACT Tests, our ACT Prep classes are on October 19, December 7, February 1, March 28, and June 6.

    Enroll Now

    Note* Students can bring payment to the class